July 23rd 2019

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.”

– George Lucas

Patience Is Definitely A Virtue

Being Patient, But Positive

You can only be patient for so long when you need something. This past weekend was my drill weekend with the Navy reserves and oh boy was it packed! I ended up waiting for almost 3 hours for a dental exam and even more time waiting for paperwork and uniforms! I had two choices. I could either sit there for 3 hours and be unproductive waiting for dental. OR I could be productive and work on other items I knew I had to get finished. It’s very easy to just pick option 1 because its just easy honestly. Sit back, day dream and wait to be called, not a lot of effort at all. Option 2 though will yield you more results and you’ll feel more productive and accomplished when you start crossing things off your list of “to-dos.” I managed to finish my blog post of the day, I got all my paperwork in order and organized, I received all my uniforms and finally finished my dental exam! I felt less stressed, I didn’t feel pressed for time and I felt accomplished most of all. What are some ways to stay positive and productive to increase your patience? Down below are some ways to help:

  • Listen to some music. Any music that you enjoy while waiting is a plus. Some sites that are free are Pandora , I Heart Radio and Spotify. Of course there are more but these are some of the most popular one.
  • If you are behind on something start doing it. Whether it is making a list for the grocery store or buying something online that you’ve been wanting for a while. This helps you keep your patience and prolongs your peace.
  • Read. Reading lets your mind wander in its imagination and helps your brain and body calm down. Either a paperback book, a magazine or something on your phone can help with passing the time waiting for something.

I just gave a small list of some ways to help alleviate the stress of waiting in lines trying to get stuff taken care of. These are some of the ways that I keep myself occupied and it actually helps the time go by a lot faster. Especially in the military because we have lines…for lines. Stay positive, stay productive.

I Can Eat Like This Everyday

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. This was a simple meal we made. A slab of salmon, steamed broccoli and some brown rice. It took maybe a total of an hour to make and prepare which is relatively quick. I’m still trying to stick to being healthy and when I have delicious meals like this, I know I can. You just have to stick to your goal and have a strong mindset! You can do it!

Getting Back That Sea bag

Why did I decide to go back to the Navy?

Making the decision to join the Navy again after I got off of active duty was no brainer for me deep down…I wanted to. Here’s a little back story though so you guys aren’t too lost yet. I joined the Navy back in 2013 as an excited 19 year old kid that wanted some more adventure in her life. Fast forward to June of 2018. I was a DC3 who was well rounded. I was a 24 year old who THOUGHT that what I wanted had NOTHING to do with the Navy anymore. I ended up being so wrong. So, I decided to just get out and receive my Honorable Discharge and go to the IRR (inactive-ready-reserve). I never thought that within less than a year I would be back in the Navy as a reservist, but here I am. Truth is I missed it. I missed the boat life ( its odd trust me), I missed the camaraderie, the tasks that I was able to deal with and learn about. Most importantly I missed the people, the little family I made. That’s why I decided to join the Navy Reserves again. I wanted that military, patriotic, do or die, balls to the wall teamwork and family feel. So here I am based out of Alameda, CA now technically an HM3 waiting to go to a new tech school next January. I couldn’t be more excited and happier that I made this decision. I’m ready for another adventure in my book.

Was It Hard Joining The Reserves?

A lot of veterans, especially when they get out of active duty decide to just say they’re finished with the military once and for all….Truth is, a majority of us decide to come back because we miss that feeling. It’s almost like having an empty void in your soul. I thought joining the reserves was going to be difficult. It wasn’t quite easy but it definitely was manageable. Prior service members have to go to a recruiter that deals with them being active before. They’re called Prior Service Recruiters, pretty simple right? Kind of, the hard part is finding one. In my area there were only 2! Can you believe that? There was one located here in the Alameda NOSQ that I worked with and then there is also one in the Concord Armed Forces office. My recruiter made the process very easy, very straightforward. The only catch that I had was that I had to change my rate (job). It was kind of bittersweet for me because I loved being a DC (damage controlman- shipboard firefighter), I loved almost everything about it. However, the rate that was open for me was HM ( corpsman- medic), and that’s what I initially wanted when I joined the Navy. Switching to HM was a little sad but it is also really beneficial to me personally because of what I do in my civilian life as well. I have been in the Reserves since February of 2019. I love it, of course there is the normal about of BS I deal with, but I’m back in the uniform and learning new things that I love. I feel like the void is filled in again and I knew deep down this is what I want. I’m still learning the ropes of the reserves because it is VERY different than active duty.

Being a reservist is a great opportunity if you have a civilian career, but still want to do something militaristic in your life or fill an empty void. I’m going on 6 years and I can’t wait to see where I will travel to next or what I will learn next. If anyone has any questions please feel free to leave me a message! I will definitely have more posts that I will be adding!

“On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, let it be our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind.”

– Dan Lipinski

Spring Cleaning…In July?

Bit By Bit. Piece By Piece.

When you hear about spring cleaning in the spring it’s normal to you. What about when you hear spring cleaning in July? Yes, it is ok to only do your “big” cleaning and organizing in the spring time, but, that doesn’t have to be the ONLY time. Today my parents decided to tackle a task of not only updating but, cleaning, organizing and donating or throwing out stuff they don’t need or have use for anymore. Earlier this year they did the same thing with a different room in the house, now its the garage. We all know that this wasn’t going to be an easy task. The garage is HUGE for starters and there’s also a bunch of stuff in there. Now there’s three of us working in there tackling different sections and let me tell you, it’s fun but it got a little hectic at times.

How To Start

Starting is always the hard part I think. Theres a goal in mind and you just want to get rid of everything! Sometimes you can do that if you have absolutely no need or want for the items. In my parents case they were going to have to think about it a bit more. Mom always likes to start in one area and work around to other areas of the garage. For instance she will start at her crafting desk and see what she doesn’t need anymore and make a pile of it. Next up is the laundry area, see’s what she doesn’t need there and adds it to the pile and so on. Now you may wonder where dad is….Dad is handling his own side of the garage which is basically his work bench/tool bench/motorcycle and whatever else he has over there. If you want to start, pick a spot, stick to it until you are satisfied with it then move on. If you bounce from spot to spot you’ll only be frazzled by the mess.


I absolutely love to organize things! I probably get it from my mom. I like to make my room/workstation/truck whatever it may be as organized and streamlined as I can get it. There are a variety of tricks that can help with “hiding” items in a nicer area so you still have easy access to them but not with the cluttered site. For example, I use little baskets and put all my pens and stationary and cards in them and then put them on my book case. It not only allows me to grab the whole basket with everything in it but, it makes the room look bigger and cleaner. You can find them anywhere I found mine at Target but you can search around to find them.

How Often Should I Organize?

There is no set amount of time when you should re-evaluate a room and see if it needs a little moving around or cleaning out. If you want to do it twice a year in the Spring and Fall, that is TOTALLY okay. If you only feel like doing it when it bothers you or you start to notice it, that is TOTALLY okay too. Your living space, your working space is your Peace. If you don’t have that Peace then you need to start organizing and free up some space until you find that Peace again. I organize and do my Spring cleaning about twice a year. This year it seems that I am doing it a lot more often because I keep losing my Peace. If my room is a mess and filled with stuff, I can’t think and I can’t be calm. So I remedy the situation and organize and clean and declutter. Thus, finding my Peace and calm. I enjoy using baskets in my room, it makes my room tranquil and calm. You can find a whole bunch of ideas for baskets right HERE.

“If you’ve had something for more than six months, and it’s still not repaired, it’s clutter.”

– Gretchen Rubin

Back On Track For Inner-Peace

Reconnecting With The Yogi Life

Getting back on track with being healthy and getting fit again is not the easiest thing for some of us. Working constantly and making excuses on why you can’t work out doesn’t help either. Today I decided for good that I am going to change that. Now, I have said this numerous times in the past and stuck with being healthy. I would do my “30 Day Yoga” sessions, have a strict diet, go to the gym. Yet, somehow, something always came up. Whether it was work, getting hurt or just getting lazy. Well I’m tired of it let me tell you. So I have decided to get back on track with me: mentally, physically and whole heartedly. A Yogi Lifestyle is different for everyone but has one main guideline: reconnect with nature and find yourself. I believe in that so much because I had a few points in my life where I felt lost and not myself. Connecting with nature and being outside is some of the greatest energy you can share with Mother Nature, it restores your soul and re-energizes your body. So today I started to reconnect. I started off by following what I said I would eat in my food journal to keep myself on track, I decided to start my day 1 of yoga (again) to release all the stress and tension and the toll of work that my body has taken. Lastly I get to finish off my night with my pupper sleeping at the foot of my bed and writing a little more about my story.

I love yoga. Plain and simple, its not hard on your body. It promotes strength and flexibility and a calmness everyone’s soul crave. I am no expert on this by any means but I have always gone back to yoga. I always end up craving it for the calm and peace that it brings. I have maybe 2 books on yoga but I follow one of my favorite Yogis: Yoga by Adrienne. I follow her on YouTube and I try out the videos she posts. Today I followed one of her videos called Lower Back Love. I have been having a lot of pain mainly from work, with all the lifting of patients and walking around in boots, I have to stay in shape to be an EMT. Definitely takes a toll on my body, but this video was wonderful. It wasn’t super strenuous or difficult. I managed to follow all of it and I instantly felt the calmness start to take over my body. I started to feel the tension of my lower back slip away. Not all of it is gone, but there is definitely some relief. I guess what I’m trying to say is, take time out for yourself. Take care of you. If ya’ll would like to try out the video I did, just click below! Let today be the start of something!

Yoga begins right where I am – not where I was yesterday or where I long to be.”

Linda Sparrowe

Brezo Restaurant: Perfect for Brunch

Just my Food for Thought on Brezo

Almost every Sunday I try and have brunch with my family. Whether it’s staying at home in our PJ’s and cooking brunch, or dressing up and finding a new restaurant to try. Since almost all of us were home, minus my little bro, we decided to try a new place in our area. The restaurant Brezo, is old school, quaint and has a little Latin flair found in Point Richmond California which is truly a hidden gem. I ordered something called the Mt. Tam potatoes, dad ordered the Mt. Diablo Chilaquiles Verdes and mom ordered the Berry Belgian Waffle. While we were waiting for our food, my mom and I each ordered a mimosa. They were delicious and you can never do without one during Sunday brunch. The food came out and everything was absolutely amazing. The right amount of spice went into mine and dad’s plates and mom had the freshest blueberries I’ve had in a while. Everything was fresh and done with care. Needless to say, we are definitely going back there to try out more dishes and maybe have give dinner a shot. The ambiance of the restaurant was so nice, decorated with beautiful artwork, an old-school bar at the front and fresh cut flowers on each and every table. Can’t wait to try them out again!

If you would like to read more reviews or try them out for yourselves I highly suggest you stop by for a bite to eat!

Brezo Restaurant

More Money Please?

Do you ever wonder why it just seems like your bank accounts look like they’re squeezing every last penny they have? Or does your bank account look nice and comfortable to you? Well there are multiple ways on how to keep track of your spending to make sure that 1.) All your transactions are yours and nobodies else 2.) You can keep track and maybe save more if you’d want. A great app for doing that is Mint. Now, there are hundreds of apps that can help you but, I personally use Mint and I have noticed a difference. I also recommend using the old school pen and paper method. Using a small notebook and writing out everything is diligent but if its easier for you that way, then do it!

Subscriptions! These are so convenient but…do you really need ALL of them? I just realized that I was paying almost $150 extra for stuff I totally forgot about and stuff that I kind of sort of wanted but did not need. So I scanned through my bank account and decided to unsubscribe to them, now I have an extra $150 a month to either save or use as some mad money…but I will probably save, at least half of it 🙂

Lastly for now, there are always “side-hustles.” There are a ton of opportunities that can add extra income for you. Pinterest has a million and one sites that can lead you on how to make that extra income. I have a few boards on there showing different ways on how to earn money than the normal job. I used Rover for a time being and absolutely loved it. Not only was I earning money but I also got to get in some exercise from walking and having fun with all the animals that I was able to take care of! Always remember when there is a will, there’s a way. There’s opportunity at everyone’s fingertips you just have to go for it.

“When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”

Idowu Koyenikan

If you’d like more ideas from me personally, see for yourself My Pinterest.

Hello World!

Hi Everyone! This is going to be my cliché very first blog post. Which I might add, am very excited to FINALLY get to write about. A little bit about myself, I am a jack of all trades, dabbler in everything an adventured soul some might say. Right now I am freshly 26 years old, just completed 6 years of active duty in the Navy, now I am a Navy Reservist. I’m working on my Fire Science Tech Degree, I am an EMT and will be starting Paramedic school next year. The last thing I can add to the list (for now) is a newbie blogger (: I enjoy all of these things that I do, and that’s not even all of it just bits of my career and life. I enjoy the outdoors, I have a big love for animals. I enjoy videogames and music and books, the list goes on. Why I wanted to start this blog is to share the story and adventures of me. Not just the ups but the struggles and downs that I pushed through to get to where I am at today. I want to reach out to you and make a connection with you. I am here to inspire, entertain and help you with the adventure your life is taking you on. I hope ya’ll will enjoy this and follow this adventure with me! I’m excited! Stay Rebellious, stay adventurous.

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.”

– George Eliot