It Pays To Walk

Walking Towards Health And Wealth

Walking is what a majority of us do today. Walking to and from work, walking to relax, walking for our health. It calms our mind, soul and pumps that blood through us. I stumbled upon an add a year or so ago that talked about incentives on walking. I thought to myself “what the heck, this can either be a scam or something cool.” So I researched and in the end downloaded an app called Sweatcoin. Catchy name right? It basically is a pedometer that stays on in the background of your phone and tracks all the steps that you take in a 24 hour time period. Then it converts all your steps into it’s Sweatcoins. I thought this was pretty neat. I already like to keep track of my steps I take during the day to see how active I am, this was basically bonus points. So in about a months time I had accrued one thousand Sweatcoins. This in turn allowed me to look at all the incentives they have on there that I can purchase with my Sweatcoins. Most of the items on there are health related or payouts with paypal. I ended up actually seeing a yoga tank top that I really loved and bought it. The only thing I had to pay for was the shipping, that’s it. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find out that it is in fact a real thing and not just another scam. Although I love to walk for free, it’s always fun knowing that I am walking and saving up for a fun gift for myself! Having little incentives like these make working out fun again. You react more positively towards working out and becoming more healthy when you enjoy what you’re doing. Once you feel like it’s becoming a chore or a job you start to lose interest quicker and then eventually all together. Let this be fun, walk and save up for yourself, for your health and wealth!

β€œAll truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche