Sunset at Home

Managed to get a picture of the sunset a few days ago. The sky was so beautiful ☀️


May 24th 2020

“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

— William Morris

December 18th 2019

“Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I’m home.”

– Dory, Finding Nemo

Spring Cleaning…In July?

Bit By Bit. Piece By Piece.

When you hear about spring cleaning in the spring it’s normal to you. What about when you hear spring cleaning in July? Yes, it is ok to only do your “big” cleaning and organizing in the spring time, but, that doesn’t have to be the ONLY time. Today my parents decided to tackle a task of not only updating but, cleaning, organizing and donating or throwing out stuff they don’t need or have use for anymore. Earlier this year they did the same thing with a different room in the house, now its the garage. We all know that this wasn’t going to be an easy task. The garage is HUGE for starters and there’s also a bunch of stuff in there. Now there’s three of us working in there tackling different sections and let me tell you, it’s fun but it got a little hectic at times.

How To Start

Starting is always the hard part I think. Theres a goal in mind and you just want to get rid of everything! Sometimes you can do that if you have absolutely no need or want for the items. In my parents case they were going to have to think about it a bit more. Mom always likes to start in one area and work around to other areas of the garage. For instance she will start at her crafting desk and see what she doesn’t need anymore and make a pile of it. Next up is the laundry area, see’s what she doesn’t need there and adds it to the pile and so on. Now you may wonder where dad is….Dad is handling his own side of the garage which is basically his work bench/tool bench/motorcycle and whatever else he has over there. If you want to start, pick a spot, stick to it until you are satisfied with it then move on. If you bounce from spot to spot you’ll only be frazzled by the mess.


I absolutely love to organize things! I probably get it from my mom. I like to make my room/workstation/truck whatever it may be as organized and streamlined as I can get it. There are a variety of tricks that can help with “hiding” items in a nicer area so you still have easy access to them but not with the cluttered site. For example, I use little baskets and put all my pens and stationary and cards in them and then put them on my book case. It not only allows me to grab the whole basket with everything in it but, it makes the room look bigger and cleaner. You can find them anywhere I found mine at Target but you can search around to find them.

How Often Should I Organize?

There is no set amount of time when you should re-evaluate a room and see if it needs a little moving around or cleaning out. If you want to do it twice a year in the Spring and Fall, that is TOTALLY okay. If you only feel like doing it when it bothers you or you start to notice it, that is TOTALLY okay too. Your living space, your working space is your Peace. If you don’t have that Peace then you need to start organizing and free up some space until you find that Peace again. I organize and do my Spring cleaning about twice a year. This year it seems that I am doing it a lot more often because I keep losing my Peace. If my room is a mess and filled with stuff, I can’t think and I can’t be calm. So I remedy the situation and organize and clean and declutter. Thus, finding my Peace and calm. I enjoy using baskets in my room, it makes my room tranquil and calm. You can find a whole bunch of ideas for baskets right HERE.

“If you’ve had something for more than six months, and it’s still not repaired, it’s clutter.”

– Gretchen Rubin