Patience Is Definitely A Virtue

Being Patient, But Positive

You can only be patient for so long when you need something. This past weekend was my drill weekend with the Navy reserves and oh boy was it packed! I ended up waiting for almost 3 hours for a dental exam and even more time waiting for paperwork and uniforms! I had two choices. I could either sit there for 3 hours and be unproductive waiting for dental. OR I could be productive and work on other items I knew I had to get finished. It’s very easy to just pick option 1 because its just easy honestly. Sit back, day dream and wait to be called, not a lot of effort at all. Option 2 though will yield you more results and you’ll feel more productive and accomplished when you start crossing things off your list of “to-dos.” I managed to finish my blog post of the day, I got all my paperwork in order and organized, I received all my uniforms and finally finished my dental exam! I felt less stressed, I didn’t feel pressed for time and I felt accomplished most of all. What are some ways to stay positive and productive to increase your patience? Down below are some ways to help:

  • Listen to some music. Any music that you enjoy while waiting is a plus. Some sites that are free are Pandora , I Heart Radio and Spotify. Of course there are more but these are some of the most popular one.
  • If you are behind on something start doing it. Whether it is making a list for the grocery store or buying something online that you’ve been wanting for a while. This helps you keep your patience and prolongs your peace.
  • Read. Reading lets your mind wander in its imagination and helps your brain and body calm down. Either a paperback book, a magazine or something on your phone can help with passing the time waiting for something.

I just gave a small list of some ways to help alleviate the stress of waiting in lines trying to get stuff taken care of. These are some of the ways that I keep myself occupied and it actually helps the time go by a lot faster. Especially in the military because we have lines…for lines. Stay positive, stay productive.