Bullet Journal


Writing in a journal and keeping up with it is no easy task. I tried out the Bullet Journal idea last year in 2020 and made it about halfway through the year. This year for 2021 I decided that I wanted to prove to myself that I can in fact keep up with a project. This isn’t just any kind of project either. You have to stay determined to keep up with it and want to continue with it. I love how I am able to be creative and find another way to express myself and decompress. It’s also fun to look back through the year to see what you have done, what you’ve read, watched and completed.

Below are the first four months of figuring out how to actually create a “bullet journal.” I definitely don’t think I am very creative but this led me to tap into that unknown territory. If you look at January, it is very basic, very beginner. Over the months of doing this, I’ve noticed that I am more comfortable around art and trying to express my art on paper. It has been frustrating but it also has been rewarding too. My penmanship has gotten slightly better, my drawing skills have increased and I am more free with how I write and draw.

I chose to only show the first quarter of this ( 4 months) because, we just finished the second quarter and I am still finishing up some of the pages. I hope you enjoy these, I know they are a little new and basic but, it’s ok. If you have a creative thought or want, put it down on paper and see what it manifests into. Happy writing, and happy reading 💚

“You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.”

— Annie Proulx

August 14th 2020

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

– Robert Wyland 

Back On Track For Inner-Peace

Reconnecting With The Yogi Life

Getting back on track with being healthy and getting fit again is not the easiest thing for some of us. Working constantly and making excuses on why you can’t work out doesn’t help either. Today I decided for good that I am going to change that. Now, I have said this numerous times in the past and stuck with being healthy. I would do my “30 Day Yoga” sessions, have a strict diet, go to the gym. Yet, somehow, something always came up. Whether it was work, getting hurt or just getting lazy. Well I’m tired of it let me tell you. So I have decided to get back on track with me: mentally, physically and whole heartedly. A Yogi Lifestyle is different for everyone but has one main guideline: reconnect with nature and find yourself. I believe in that so much because I had a few points in my life where I felt lost and not myself. Connecting with nature and being outside is some of the greatest energy you can share with Mother Nature, it restores your soul and re-energizes your body. So today I started to reconnect. I started off by following what I said I would eat in my food journal to keep myself on track, I decided to start my day 1 of yoga (again) to release all the stress and tension and the toll of work that my body has taken. Lastly I get to finish off my night with my pupper sleeping at the foot of my bed and writing a little more about my story.

I love yoga. Plain and simple, its not hard on your body. It promotes strength and flexibility and a calmness everyone’s soul crave. I am no expert on this by any means but I have always gone back to yoga. I always end up craving it for the calm and peace that it brings. I have maybe 2 books on yoga but I follow one of my favorite Yogis: Yoga by Adrienne. I follow her on YouTube and I try out the videos she posts. Today I followed one of her videos called Lower Back Love. I have been having a lot of pain mainly from work, with all the lifting of patients and walking around in boots, I have to stay in shape to be an EMT. Definitely takes a toll on my body, but this video was wonderful. It wasn’t super strenuous or difficult. I managed to follow all of it and I instantly felt the calmness start to take over my body. I started to feel the tension of my lower back slip away. Not all of it is gone, but there is definitely some relief. I guess what I’m trying to say is, take time out for yourself. Take care of you. If ya’ll would like to try out the video I did, just click below! Let today be the start of something!

Yoga begins right where I am – not where I was yesterday or where I long to be.”

Linda Sparrowe